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palestinian refugees: time to return NOW

10 million Palestinians. Almost 5 million of them are refugees. And half of those are still living in camps. It is in Lebanon that the Palestinian refugees live under the worst conditions.We visited the camps of Chatila, Borj Al Barajneh, Marelias, Nahr Al Bared, Badawi, Ain El Hilweh et Rachidiya.
Everywhere we find great poverty, a dense population, narrow lanes, a maze of electric wires all connected to each other, workshops for small manual jobs… but everywhere also the same steadfast will to return to their country, Palestine.

‘Palestinian Refuges’ is now converted to TV format and is available for any Public Access TV station in America (and the World) to download and broadcast.

To get Public Access TV Stations to broadcast – ‘Palestinian Refuges’ people can phone their local Public Access TV station and request the film be broadcast to their local community. The TV station can download the show from PEGMedia.org and then broadcast it.


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